Communication Workers Union, North East Region
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Justice is the goal, solidarity is the tool, education is the key!

Welcome to life long learning within the North East Region of the Communication Workers Union.

To the CWU, Lifelong Learning is about our members having the opportunity to learn what they want, at a time and place that suits them and at the best possible cost.

Lifelong Learning can range from improving your English, maths or computer skills, through to taking a degree and beyond.

It may lead to a qualification or just be for the benefit of learning a new skill or subject. It could help you to progress at work, help your children with school work or develop your skills or hobbies.

Our Aim

To promote, organise and facilitate access to adult education to enable members and their families to advance their skills for life and education.


To actively identify any cause or barrier that prevents any member becoming a ULR and/or accessing education

To provide support and information to ULRs and branches in the North East Region, to promote the ULR within the union and the wider community and encourage involvement as ULRs from all sections of the union.

To continue to develop learning as a core part of the unions work and maximise the benefits to recruitment and organising and build upon the strength of the union.


CWU NE Learning

Left Click Freedom

CWU Left Click offers you the chance to develop new skills and learn at a time and place that suits you.

On your phone, on your tablet on your computer. Left-Click is there for you whenever you need it.

Be it training for union activists or learning for CWU members, Left-Click offers a growing list of courses.

Watch how-to videos and presentations, complete online activities and get a certificate that you can print off for your records.

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